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Why Buy Locally vs Buying Glasses Online

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With online shopping increasing in trend, many people want to conveniently shop for glasses online. However, do yourself a favor by stopping by at our eye care center near Cary, NC first. This post will address why you should buy glasses locally at our Triangle Family Eye Care Center and not buy glasses from an online source.

The Importance Of A Perfect Fit

It is extremely important to ensure that your eyeglasses fit perfectly and to achieve this, there are some measurements and adjustments that are best left to an experienced optician.

  • Pupillary Distance (PD) Measurement

PD evaluates the distance between your pupils. This measurement is required for a perfect fit on your lenses in the frame. The best vision you can get is when the lenses are aligned with your pupils.

Even though you may measure your own PD following online instructions, this is best left to an experienced optician. The PD is not provided with your prescription and can best be evaluated during a one-to-one session with your Cary optician.

  • The comfort of fit

The comfort of a pair of eyeglasses depends on a few factors:

Different lens materials and different frame materials may feel different and the suggestions of an optician would be invaluable in this regard.

The strength and weight of lenses is another important factor. You may prefer thin and light lenses.

At our vision center, you get the options of choosing from a lot of shapes and design options for the frames and various lens features.

Another factor is the size of the glasses. It needs to be perfect - not too big to slip and not too small to pinch and mark your forehead and nose.

And then, comes the role of your facial features. As your head, eyes, and nose are unique, a custom-made pair of eyeglasses would be most comfortable. They should sit perfectly on the bridge of your nose. Our experienced opticians would be able to provide a correctly fitting pair of glasses.

  • The look and feel

If you shop at our center, you have the added advantage of choosing from many brands of designer frames. With the suggestions of our opticians to back you, you can choose a pair that is not only comfortable but also looks great on you. There is a wide range of options catering to your budget too. The same applies for sunglasses - you can choose from among our wide range of designer sunglasses.

  • Contact lenses

If you would rather go for contact lenses, our opticians will dedicate the required time to ensure a comfortable fit. They will also help you to choose the type of contact lenses by explaining the pros of all the types.

  • Warranty

With Triangle Family Eye Care’s WOW Eyewear Warranty, you get 12 months of warranty for your frames and lenses. This covers breakage (not loss or theft) under any circumstance. Contact us near Cary to know about any changes based on insurance and vision plans.

  • Transition lenses

These protect your eyes from excessive glare and UV rays by automatically transitioning from clear to tinted. The tint adjusts itself according to the brightness of the sun. We provide specialty transition lenses for the more active and sportsmen too.

  • Computer Glasses

These are specially made for use with the computer. Unlike other glasses made for near or far viewing, computer glasses are designed for mid-distance viewing - considering the distance of the computer from your eyes. These are also equipped with features like blue light blocking coatings.

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