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Triangle Family Eye Care is First North Carolina practice to use Monaco Optos Camera

In late September 2018, Dr. Prajapati of Triangle Family Eye Care proudly introduced North Carolina residents to the benefits of the only Optomap imaging device with integrated OCT.  This device promises to enhance eye care professionals' clinical exam by providing the very latest technology including the only Ultra Wide Field (UWF) retinal imaging device with integrated OCT.  Currently, Optos is the only imaging device that has Ultra Wide Field which allows for precise measurements of the peripheral retinal lesions.  The value that the Ultra Wide Field brings to the eye care team at Triangle Family Eye Care cannot be understated.  We invite you to discuss the potential benefit of having your eyes scanned with North Carolina's first Monaco Optos.  Capture

This amazingly powerful technology produces a 200-degree Optomap image in under half a second (with an exposure time of less than 0.4 seconds).  This new machine will set the standard for eye disease detection and management.  Indeed, Optomap has been shown at clinical trials to enhance pathology detection and subsequent management.  By integrating Optomap technology with OCT, this ability is enhanced significantly.

Monaco is able to capture a 6-image, multi-modal overview of both eyes in as short as a minute and a half.  By permitting the practitioner to view multiple image modalities simultaneously, the eye care professional can detect pathology and other potential dangers through utilizing the various views.  Furthermore, enabling such a quick overview improves clinic flow by making all possible views visible at the same time.


At the current time, there are more than 500 published and ongoing clinical trials (in addition to thousands of case studies and testimonials) indicating the benefit that Optomap imaging offers the eye care practitioner during diagnosis, treatment, management, explanation, and patient engagement.  With the added benefit of coupling Optomap with OCT that Monaco provides, a fuller, more complete approach to optometric care can be offered to patients.