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Eye Care at Park West Village

mother holding babyAs a parent, you know that getting everything done can be a masterful balancing act. Schedules are busy, and your daily tasks often include getting the kids to school, spending a full day at work, and fitting all the typical errands of parenthood in between. To keep your kids healthy, there are regular doctor, dentist, and optometry appointments too.

When it comes to eye care, we make it easy and convenient for you! Triangle Family Eye Care is located at Park West Village. That means you can combine your family appointments for pediatric eye exams with shopping for new shoes or clothes for the changing seasons. With our conveniently located optometry clinic, there’s no need for you  to run around the city from store to store, and office to office. We fit eye care into your busy calendar, with ultimate one-stop shopping at the mall!

Kid's Eye Exams

Regular pediatric eye exams are critical for your child’s development. Even if kids see sharp and have no trouble viewing the classroom board, routine kids’ eye exams are still necessary. Many undetected vision conditions can get in the way of effective learning, coordination, and agile sports performance.  “Pediatric eye exams are the best way to spot or rule out a problematic vision condition,” says our eye doctor, Dr. Hiten Prajapati. “It’s the best way to make sure children achieve their potential and feel good about themselves in school, in sports, and with friends!”


Do your children wear eyeglasses? While you may be tempted to choose their frames for them to save time, it’s not a good idea. Kids need to be a part of the process of selecting their eyewear. Frames must feel comfortable, or children will toss them to the bottom of their backpack. Just as important – kids need to be comfortable with the appearance of their eyeglasses. Styles vary, and both young children and teenagers have strong fashion preferences. Only they know the “look” they want to express socially.

With our Morrisville optical store, we make it easy for your entire family to choose the perfect designer eyewear. Our optical collection is large and diverse, with a wide array of sizes, colors and shapes. From thick, funky plastic frames to slick metals, we have a pair of eyeglasses for every kid (and adult!). Our optical staff will pleased to show you our outstanding selection. With no pressure to make a quick decision, we encourage customers to look through all their options. Our convenient eye care store will turn shopping for designer eyewear into a fun family outing. If anyone in your home needs new eyeglasses, add it to your list and visit us at Park West Village. We welcome walk-ins, and we look forward to serving you at our Morrisville Vision Center.