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TelScreen EyeRes Anterior Segment Camera

The revolutionary new TelScreen EyeRes Anterior Segment Camera is the latest cutting-edge technology for the capturing of high resolution photos and videos of the front surface of the eye and eyelids. It uses a low-light capable, programmable sensor to capture incredibly accurate images without flash or background illumination, allowing for early and accurate detection of many potentially sight threatening eye conditions such as anterior surface ocular tumors, corneal neovascularization, dry eye disease, bacterial, viral or allergic conjunctivitis, corneal ulcers, and styes.

EyeResDr. Hiten Prajapati and his staff at Triangle Family Eye Care are also excited about the level of patient education made possible by the new EyeRes Anterior Segment Camera. This technology allows eye doctors to show their patients an incredibly accurate and precise picture of the patient’s eye, allowing them to point out problems and eye damage in a way that is relevant to the current state of the patient’s health.

According to Dr. Prajapati, anyone who has medically related red eye, history of non-compliance handling contact lenses or anyone being monitored for abnormal growth on the front surface of eye should have this imaging done to catch any abnormalities or developing eye conditions before significant damage is done.

For more information about this incredible technology, contact Dr. Hiten Prajapati at 919-372-3555 today.