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We’ll Fit You with the Right Eyeglasses and Contact Lenses

Your eyewear should grant crisp vision and a great look! Please stop in anytime to choose a pair of attractive, quality frames from our eyeglass collection. Our optical staff is waiting to help guide you towards the best pair of designer frames to support your vision prescription and flatter your appearance. If you prefer contact lenses, we’re pros at thorough contact lens fittings. We’ll take the time to ensure that your contact lenses fit perfectly, and we offer a full range of premium lenses in our Morrisville clinic.

Here at Triangle Family Eye Care, we strive to provide the highest quality products and services in the Raleigh area. Our staff members are highly trained and qualified professionals who take intrinsic measurements to ensure your new eyewear is made properly. One of these measurements is the pupillary distance, also known as the PD.

These measurements are not a part of the doctor’s exam and are reserved for patients who are working one on one with our certified opticians for the purchase of their eyewear in our office. All eyewear and prescription products are checked and verified for accuracy before the patient receives them. TFEC is not responsible for providing these measurements for patients who wish to purchase their eyewear online.

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Designer Frames For The Whole Family

Our Optical has a great selection of the latest designer eye glasses frames. When choosing frames our skilled optical team will happily assist you in finding the perfect pair of glasses to match your face, your style and your budget.

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Wide Assortment of Contact Lenses

Our patients love our wide selection of the top contact lenses at competitive prices. Our eye doctor and staff will gladly walk you through the many options explaining the benefits of each type.

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Lots of Great Sunglasses and Sunwear

Protecting your eyes from the suns UV rays is essential to your vision. But who said you cant look great at the same time? We have a large selection of designer sunglasses that will protect you and keep you looking your best.

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Industry Leading Warranty

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Dog Ate Your Glasses?

Triangle Family Eye Care believes that you deserve more than just a manufacturer’s warranty. We appreciate your trust and the investment you have made in your eyewear and eye care and we won’t let you down. That is why we provide you with a WOW Eyewear Warranty.

We will unconditionally* warranty our frames and lenses, even when the dog chews on them, against breakage of any kind for any reason for 12 months of original purchase date. The warranty may vary according to insurance, union or vision care plan and does not cover against loss or theft.

In the event you need to utilize your warranty, you must return your old lenses and/or frames. *Please ask for more details.

Our Promotions

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With promotions like these its hard not to be happy. We do our best to make eye care and eye wear affordable. Whether you are looking to buy a new pair of designer frames or to save some money on an eye exam, our eye doctor and eye care team have put together the perfect promotions to save you money.

Check back regularly for flash sales, rebates, and more great promotions as we update them regularly.

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Transition Lenses

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Not everyone loves sunglasses, but everyone should be protecting their eyes from excessive glare and UV rays. Introducing Transition Lenses! Lenses designed just for you, automatically adjusting from clear to tinted when you step outside. They are perfect for driving as they reduce glare, making you safer. One of the great features with these lenses is, the brighter the sun the darker the tint. With different designs to meet your needs, such as a specialty design for those who spend most of their days outdoors and a unique performance design for the outdoor sports enthusiast who is looking for enhanced crystal clear vision.

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Computer Glasses

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Have you experienced noticeable discomfort after long periods in front of your computer?

You are not alone, researchers are saying that spending 2 hours a day in front of a computer without proper glasses for the task will lead to a 90% chance of developing computer vision syndrome over time. With the average American spending over 6 hours a day in front of a computer, the chances are you are at significant risk.

Computer glasses are specially designed glasses made for mid distance viewing. While most glasses are made for far or near viewing, they are not providing optimal focus for computer use. The average computer is situated 20-25 inches from your eyes which causes your eyes to strain when using regular glasses. Furthermore, computer glasses are equipped with blue light blocking coatings, which are essential for the long term health of your eyes.

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