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"I will start by saying I have a LARGE head. Although my checking don't show it, my family & I have been coming here pretty much since they opened back in early 2012. I ALWAYS find frames I like here.  The staff are extremely helpful answer questions on multi-focal lenses, bi-focals, transitions & contacts. My family also comes here, there hasn't been any problems getting appointments with kids in school or work schedules.  Oddly, finding multiple frames they like. (Trendy or traditional frames) is EASY here as they have so many choices in styles & colors. Oh and if you don't see the color in a style you like, Eleni (optical manager) will  pull em up on an iPad to see what they look like. Talk about using technology, we love these folks. Dr Prajapati and his staff are awesome."  ~Reggie S., April 2015, Apex, NC

"Dr. P is an exceptionally friendly and professional practitioner. In all my years of visiting eye docs, I've never met one more so. I've had two exams there, and expect to go back and take my family there as they need to go. The office staff are also the best; they know what they're doing and seem to have a lot of experience doing it." ~Adam W., November 2014, Cary, NC

"I decided to come here for an appointment after reading the reviews and I'm so glad I didn't go somewhere else! Dr. Prajapati is great! The staff is very courteous and professional. I was getting headaches after staring at a computer screen for hours at work. Dr. Prajapati recommended glasses for looking at the computer screen and he and Eleni both advised that I get an anti-glare coating on the glasses. I didn't even know anti-glare coatings existed! Eleni called me as soon as my glasses came in and she even custom fitted my glasses to my face. She also kept  me up to date with the arrival time of my glasses. I don't think I've ever had staff at any doctor's office go as far out of their way to please as Eleni does. She really is awesome. After my experience here I have recommended this practice to nearly everyone I know that wears contacts or glasses. This is the practice to go to even if you have to drive a little bit further, the team here makes it totally worth it." ~Kristy P., September 2014

"Their customer service exemplifies the importance putting customer at forefront and identifying his/her needs and making sure they fit you right in all sense, both on your eyes and your wallet 🙂 I have been going to this place since they opened. My earlier sojourns at similar practices in the triangle left me in need to find a practice which was more interested in finding what is best for me versus them. Dr. Hiten is a knowledgeable and patient man. Eleni is the best optician that I have encountered in the triangle. I have been to 4 different practices. None can be compared to these guys. Hope these guys continue their good work." ~Yeshanth J., Morrisville, NC, September 2014

"I had an emergency with a foreign body stuck in my eye. I was told to come right over and Dr. Prajapati took me back immediately. He was very kind, thorough and comprehensive in his treatment. Most importantly, he successfully removed the foreign body. I was so thankful to find an eyecare provider who offers 24/7 emergency care, since I knew an urgent care wouldn't have the equipment, products or expertise to treat me. Thank you!

I really appreciated that the receptionist called my insurance company while I was on my way over, verified that they would cover my treatment, and all I needed to do was pay my $40 co-pay. I also appreciated that the staff and physician completed my medical questionnaire on my behalf, since I could not have read the forms under the circumstances. I would absolutely return to Triangle Family Eye Care for any future eye care needs and highly recommend them to anyone-especially if you have an eye emergency." ~Donine H. Raleigh, NC

" I have been going to Dr. Prajapati's practice for three years now. My experiences have been nothing but excellent. Diana was extremely friendly and professional when scheduling my appointment. Dr. P was very thorough and took the time to review my vision history prior to beginning the exam. Since my vision has changed each year, he worked with me until we found the exact prescription. Eleni was very helpful in guiding me to the glasses that looked best on me, and offered me a variety of options. The customer service in this practice is exceptional. I would highly recommend Dr. P and his staff to anyone in search of an eye doctor"  ~Robin Wagner, August 2014

"I have been going to  Triangle Family Eye Care for about 2 years now and I think they're great. I always receive excellent service and great recommendations for preventive measures to take care of my eyes and glasses." ~ Derek P. , Morrisville, NC, July 2014

"Great place for eye care! Patient, intelligent doctor who takes personal interest in his patients. Back for my second yearly exam now. Same kindness and personal attention as last year. I highly recommend!" ~Tracy Alex, July 2014

"I can’t say enough about the quality of expert care and service I’ve received from both Dr. Prajapati and Eleni at Triangle Family Eye Care! They have all the latest technologies, equipment, and products in the office, which made my exams and follow-ups a breeze. And, they are both so nice and friendly.

They provide a casual and welcome atmosphere. Dr. P not only educated me about my particular eye issues, but his expertise in solving my challenging vision needs was remarkable. He is a true professional in his optometry skills. He is up-to-date on the all the latest, especially in the area of contact lenses, where there seems to be new product all the time. And, I’ve never had a doctor actually make a personal call to ask how I am doing, which impressed me even more. But, that’s just how they do things!

The optician, Eleni, is a delight with her knowledge of eyewear; and she provided me with several options to suit both my needs and lifestyle. They have quite a selection frames and glasses; there’s a lot of variety from which to choose. I now not only have contact lenses that are comfortable (am wearing dailies, which are great), and glasses that are both fashionable and of good quality. I highly recommend Triangle Family Eye Care and hope this review is helpful to others!"
~Nancy Wager Cary, NC

We love this eye doctor with the impossible to remember name and the lady who fits you for glasses. They are very friendly, very easy to work with, patient with teaching you how to use contact lenses, and always on time. I've never been kept waiting for an appointment.
Wonderful vision care. ~Maynard F. Cary, NC

Went to Triangle Family Eye Care mostly because the location was most convenient and it was in my in-network (BCBS). I called and they were able to fit me in the same day. Dr. Prajapati provided excellent care and his professionalism made the visit very comfortable. The place was clean and although I didn't need to buy glasses this visit, the selection seemed very high-end. I would absolutely recommend to my friends. ~Angela Y. Morrisville, NC

I have a great experience with Triangle Family Eye Care. I am new to the area and needed to get a new contacts. I called and was seen the same day! Dr. Prajapati was so helpful and really took the time to go over all my options and to find not only the perfect prescription but the perfect brand of contacts, too. He was more friendly and helpful than my former eye doctor whom I used for years. I would highly recommend Triangle Family Eye Care to anyone and especially Dr. Prajapati. ~Susan M. Durham, NC

If there is any nobility in this profession, then Dr. Prajapati is a shining example. Here is why; I had been suffering from Recurrent Corneal Erosion and spent many a restless nights and in the morning, when I opened my eyes, it was pure torture, as my eye lids would scrape my cornea as if razor blades were within them. Excruciating pain is an understatement. Went to ophthalmologists. No relief and of course you need prior appointments to see one. They just are not available when you are in distress. In addition to this, I had no insurance.  So the day I again was crying out with pain, I needed immediate relief. My wife noticed and ad in Saathee magazine and we made an appointment. Dr. Prajapati took one look and immediately went to work. Quickly managed my pain by inserting a contact lens on my cornea and pain just subsided. He then patiently explained my prognosis to me and suggested PTK procedure, which I could not at that time afford. He then provided me with lots of eye drop samples and I was on my way. The time had come for my contact lens to be removed and you can well imagine my anxiety. All went well and my pain had completely subsided, but I was not out of the woods since the operative word to this condition is "recurrent". But by this time the good doctor had read and consulted with his colleagues and prescribed for me a new eye drop and to manage night time recurrence, an ointment at bedtime. Today is four months from this episode and my cornea has not bothered me, as I have religiously adhered to his instructions. I do believe that I will never have to go for PTK surgery as long as I have Dr Prajapati treating me. You may ask, how much did it cost me? Perhaps two visits to an ophthalmologist if at all. I am blessed to have crossed paths with this outstanding, generous, caring and learned doctor. I would not only highly recommend him but would state that only a fool would not take advantage of this doctor's expertise. If you value your vision, visit Dr. Prajapati. Thank you Dr. Prajapati! ~Raj B. Cary, NC

Pros: Very Knowledgeable, Quality Oriented, Professional, and Fair Price; Cons: None. As a person who had to rely on prescription glasses (and contact lenes at one point) for more than 40 years, getting the right and comfortable eye glasswares always have been a critical part in my life. After I lost my recently prescribed glasses during a visit to a beach in S.C., I decided to try TFEC not far from my place in Cary this time looking for glasses that I can wear all day long without having much strain in my eyes or headache. During my visit, I noticed that Eleni and Dr. Prajapati at TFEC very knowledgeable in optics and how lens and eyes interact. It was also good to see that both of them were able to listen patiently. The number of frames displayed was small, but most of them were selectively chosen ones that, I think, most of us should not have a problem in finding the right frame that fits into each individual's need. A couple of days after I began wearing the new eye glasses from TFEC, I began having a strain in my left eye. Eleni adjusted the nose support pad which helped reduce the problem. The problem, however, didn't disappear and stayed on. A couple of weeks later, I shared my experience with Dr. Prajapati and he reevaluated everything, again patiently. The best part of my expereince at TFEC starts here. So, three of us, not two, began discussion what next step(s) should be. Dr. Prajapati was confident that it was not an issue of power/prescription, then Eleni continued trouble shootings and concluded that it was more likely lens curvature issue after she measured them. They ordered a new pair of lenses with modifed curvature on the left lens at their expenses. When I wore the corrected glasses, I instantly knew that the problem was gone. The way how both of them doing a trouble shooting definitely exceeded the average standards that I have seen/expected in many "best" places I have been in and out of state and other countries. As a professional who always pursue the highest quality and outcomes, I am very glad to have someone like Dr. Prajapati and Eleni in town. There are many who claim to be the best, but there are very few who are really qualified to be called that way. Both Eleni and Dr. Parjapati are, in my professional opinion, a few of those. Regarding price, it was reasonable, and Eleni was very thorough about the options I could choose for reducing the price before I made a decision. Eleni was also very knowledgeable about insurance policy and helped me save several hundred dollars that my wife and I didn't expect. Overall, my experience at TFEC was really great and I highly recomend this place to all in Triangle. ~John B. Cary, NC

I have been seeing Dr. Prajapati since I moved to NC 3 years ago. He and Eleni are very professional and knowledgeable. Their new office in Morrisville is low key, so when you go in, their focus is 100% on you. Pricing is very fair and competitive. I highly recommend them. ~Ray T. Apex, NC

I strongly recommend Triangle Family Eye Care. Having dealt with one of the large local chains, the difference going to these folks is amazing. They clearly care about their clients. I have used them for the last two years and recently got some great new glasses that I love. Give them a try. ~Nigel T. Raleigh, NC

Dr. Hiten and his staff are excellent.  I didn't even have a chance to sit down before they whisked me to the back to start the exam.  They were very efficient without losing their bedside manner.  He was very thorough and patiently answered all my questions.  His staff was very good at finding ways to maximize my insurance benefits. ~Georgianna S. (Angie's List) Raleigh, NC

I recently moved to the Morrisville area from northern Indiana. My former optomtrist, Dr. Proudfoot had just retired and I needed a new pair of safety glasses. Dr. Proudfoot had worked with me for many years to find a lense I could wear comfortably. I gave Elani the address information of Dr Proudfoot's last office. She retrieved all of my records. With this information Dr. Prajapati, was prepared for all of my questions during the eye exam. He was very through and double checked all areas that I was concerned with. His prescription had slight alterations from my former prescription, but they were noticeable when he showed them to me during the exam. I have seen Dr. Prajapati on other issues concerning my optical health and would reccomend him to anyone. Dr. Prajapati and Elani provide excellent customer service and professional knowledge. Dr. Prajapati and Elani's skill sets are of the highest caliber. Stop by and talk to them. If you do there is little doubt in my mind that you will want to return to see them again. I reccomend Triangle (Family) Eye Care to everyone. ~David K. Morrisville, NC

I highly recommend Triangle Family Eye Care for all your vision needs. From scheduling my first visit to picking up my new glasses, Dr. Prajapati & Eleni were so friendly and helpful. Their location is easy to find and I didn't have any waiting time. Dr. Prajapati is extremely knowledgeable and answered all my questions. They carry tons of different brands and styles of glasses, so finding the right pair is a breeze. Eleni is great at picking out glasses that will look good with your face shape. I would recommend Triangle Family Eye Care to anyone looking for eye care services in Cary, Morrisville & Apex. Make sure to “Like” them on Facebook to stay up to date on the latest specials. ~Bethany S. Morrisville, NC

Currently I live in Fuquay-Varina but work in RTP. I have never had an eye exam and wasn't entirely sure what to expect. From the moment I walked in the door I was put at ease. Dr. Prajapati took the time to explain every aspect of the exam from why we were doing it to what it would feel like. Turns out my wife was right… only time that's ever happened… I did need glasses. The transition from eye exam to Eleni the optician was seamless. In no time at all she had assembled a wide variety of options from Oakley and Nike to Banana Republic for me to place on my oddly shaped head. Thanks to her expert advice I was able to find a comfortable pair that will work for me. I've never before felt the need to take the time to write a review. I recommend that anyone needing eye care services in the Morrisville area contact Triangle Family Eye Care, you wont be disappointed. ~Dustin B. Fuquay-Varina

I was very impressed with the service at Triangle Family Eye Care. Dr. Prajapati took his time during the eye exam and he also educated me during the exam. Dr. Prajapati and staff were very professional and took great interest in my eye care. I would highly recommend Triangle Family Eye Care. ~Carla W. Raleigh, NC

Wonderful physician and staff! Highly recommend to all who are looking for professional; knowledgeable eye care with a friendly atmosphere. ~Robin F. Hillsborough, NC

Great experience.  Will be back. Very professional, and liked the location. Good and thorough eye exam.  ~Pia L. Raleigh, NC

absolutely professional, explanatory, informative, helpful and reasonable. thanks ~Evan L. Raleigh, NC

very professional, easy to talk to, gave me all the time I needed to ask questions,will definitely go back for future exams etc., will refer friends. ~Katharine M. Cary, NC

Today, I went to see dr. Prajapati. Although quite young, he was very knowledgeable and had state-of-the art equipment. When asked, he explained what each test was supposed to reveal. He also seemed to be genuinely interested in my well-being. ~Andrew F. Apex, NC

Triangle Family Eye Care is fanastic. My wife and I started going to them last year. We have had some horrific experiences with eye doctors and Dr. Prajapati and Elini (the optical manager) are so wonderful and treat us so well. We will never go anywhere else again. They are a very small shop but they treat us like family. Their prices are more than reasonable and they don't try to squeeze every last penny out of you like the bigger chain places do. They are also very helpful in making sure you get the most out of your insurance policy.
My wife has contacts and glasses, and I wear glasses and prescription sunglasses, and they stand behind everything they have gotten us into, like the time our dog chewed up my prescription sunglasses, and Triangle Family Eye Care was able to fix them up at no additional charge to us. That just doesn't happen anywhere else. ~Nick P. Cary, NC

I came here to get an eye exam after I went somewhere else as a new patient and got a bad prescription that made my eyes hurt.  I have a high prescription.
It's hard to talk to a doctor when you don't know how to describe what's wrong.  Dr. Prajapati is excellent, he's very experienced, and he was immediately able to diagnose the problem with my old prescription even before he examined my eyes.    After Dr. Prajapati looked at my current glasses and the bad prescription he suggested some symptoms that were spot on.
"Yes! That's exactly what I'm experiencing, finally, someone who understands what I'm trying to say!"
I've been searching for a new optometrist after having been with another one I trusted for more than 20 years.  As I've since discovered, not all optometrists are  equal, and after a bad experience elsewhere I'm very happy to have found Triangle Family Eye Care.
The eyeglasses shop is also excellent.   Other places I looked at nearby had lots of frames but little variety in frame choices.  Employees couldn't really assist with frame selection and I got unhelpful suggestions that amounted to, "Wade through the hundreds of frames on the walls and pick some yourself."
Eleni, the optical manager, has put together a great collection of frames and is really good at picking them out.  She listens to your feedback and also has a fantastic eye for fit and style.
Highly recommended.  My search for new eye care is over. ~D T. Morrisville, NC

DR P, is awesome. My whole family has gone to see him, his staff is very helpful and courteous. They pay very close attention to detail and provide customer service that is second to none. He is very reasonable and accommodating.
~ John L. Cary, NC

I noticed that Triangle Family Eye Care was open in the new shopping center in Morrisville so I stopped in to make an appointment. They told me that they could see me that day instead of having to come back so I stayed. Dr. P was very efficent and made me feel very comfortable. I am awful, absolutely awful with having drops put in my eyes and he was incredibly patient with me and got the drops in with no problem. I bought a pair of regular glasses and a pair of sunglasses and the optometrist was very helpful in helping me pick out the right look and fit for my face. I highly recommed Triangle Family Eye Care.
~ Tori A. Morrisville, NC

I can't say enough good things about Triangle Family Eye Care in Morrisville. After going to another eye care center and receiving horrendous customer service, I happened upon the recently opened Triangle Family Eye Care. The staff there is exceptional and took their time to help me select the glasses that worked best for me and my lifestyle. They helped maximize my dollars and easily accepted my flex plan so my out of pocket was minimal. It seemed effortless! After wearing my glasses for two weeks, I decided that I wanted the black frames instead of the brown ones that I purchased. No problem! They are now on order while I continue to wear the ones I purchased. They will swap them out when they come in with no additional cost. Triangle Family Eye Care is great and I would recommend them to everyone!
~ Abdoul S. Raleigh, NC

I haven't been to the eye doctor in years, but Dr. Prajapati was great! Took time to explain every step. Excellent, clean facility. Elani in the office was great and very knowledgeable about the eyeware. She worked with me for a while so I could pick out my first pair of glasses ever. I highly recommend Triangle Family Eye Care! You won't be disappointed!
~ Amy H. Cary, NC

Wonderful visit. Dr Prajapati was very thorough. He really took the time to answer all my questions. The selection of glasses available was perfect and the optician helped me understand exactly what I needed.
~ Zoe M. Durham, NC

I have never seen so good out of my contact lenses. I love the atmosphere of your office and can definitly tell you care about people. Keep up the great work.
~ Phil J. Morrisville, NC
This review is for the optical shop only, because that's the only service I've used at Triangle Family Eye Care (Dr. Prajapati has been very friendly and helpful in working with the optician to ensure the lenses are right, I just haven't had an eye exam here yet). A coworker told me that the optician, Eleni Karaganis Gomez, at Triangle Family Eye Care was very experienced and very good. Well, it's true. The Triangle Family Eye Care optical shop provides the personally tailored and guided experience that my wife and I have been seeking. While I've worn glasses for most of my life, I don't know the first thing about actually choosing a good set of frames. The optician, Eleni, was able to immediately assess our face shapes and prescriptions and recommend a dozen glasses for each of us to try out, at a wide range of price points and styles. Eleni's experience was immediately apparent through the speed with which she assembled a great selection of frames. I've had bad frames and good frames, and all the frames she selected were simply good fits for my face and prescription. When I go shopping for eye glasses, I want an optician who makes the visit efficient– one who understands not only optics, but more importantly style choices. I get lost when I see walls and walls of frames. I don't have hours to browse for frames, and I can't see without my glasses anyways so I can't really tell what looks good or not. Eleni's experience and sense of the customer's style makes shopping for frames fast and productive. Don't let the small shop fool you, the selection of frames is excellent. They've assembled a great collection of diverse frames from a wide range of fashion designers. Other local optical shops I've visited have had very poor selection of very generic-looking frames. If you want super-cheap frames, then this is not the place to go. But if you have trouble finding frames you like, or you've had cheap frames break and are now looking for better quality, then this is the place for you. If there are other customers you may have to wait a little as their staffing is thin right now, but experienced personalized care is well worth waiting for and so very hard to find these days.
~ Bob C.

They are amazing plus I like that I don't feel rushed with anyone if the staff members great deals with them and I like how they communicate with me about everything. Ive always hated switching doctors because your are use to the one you had but I'm glad I switched I falt so coffitable with them!!!!!
~ Desiree S. Raleigh, NC 

Triangle Family Eye Care runs an excellent operation! Dr. Prajapati does a thorough exam and works with you on finding an option that is the best fit for you.  They are very generous in allowing you to try contacts out on a trial period to make sure it works for you before you spend the money on the product. The staff is excellent. Very professional, personal and friendly. I have dealt with some of the bigger name eye care providers in the triangle area… Dr. Prajapati and his team are leaps and bounds ahead of the competition!  ~Mike R. Morrisville, NC

For 5 years I used to go to Apex for my eye care needs, as I value not only professionalism, I value friendliness and personal attention. TRIANGLE FAMILY EYE CARE opened close to my home and I decided to give them a try. Dr. Prajapati and Eleni surmounted all of my expectations. He took his time to a conduct a very detailed exam and took his time to understand my needs. Eleni demostrated her high fashion eyewear skill as I switched from contact lenses to glasses due to the beautiful glasses she helped me to choose. I highly reccomend TRIANGLE FAMILY EYE CARE.  ~Adriana D. Cary, NC

Dr. Prajapati and the staff is very courteous, caring, patient and knowledgeable about the whole process. My husband wears glasses but I never paid attention to the details. My 6yrs old daughter was diagnosed with glasses for the 1st time! Just like any other mom, I was very upset. I was feeling guilty that I had done something to cause her to have glasses. Dr. Prajapati put me at ease, answered all my questions, some of them over and over. My daughter has a scar on her cornea which we have no clue how, I asked only once to the Dr. Prajapati that I want to send my daughter to the cornea specialist. Without being offended, he started the ball rolling. He got me into seeing a very well known doc at UNC w/c I could not have gotten in with out his help b/c it's only physician refer base! I am very grateful for that. Every time I call, he talks to me without any hurry. He is very knowledgeable and tells you the truth. I am ok with any doctor not knowing everything but I am not OK with a doctor who acts arrogant and know it all. Dr. Prajapati is totally opposite to that. If he feels that something is out of his hand, he will refer you to another doc in a heart beat and that's very important b/c I don't want to be an experimental tool for any doc. Also they have great selection of frames. Most of them keep choices for adults, but not much for the kids. At Triangle Family Eye Care, they have great selection for adults and children. My 6 yrs old picked something that everyone loves it. And it's not a pink color frame!!! So all I have to say do go see Dr. Prajapati, you won't be disappointed. BTW, something he told me that made so much sense that the prescription you get at any ophthalmologist, double check the prescription b/c the optometrists have better lenses and more of them to verify the prescription is correct. B/c my daughter's prescription from the ophthalmologist was not proper. Good luck!!  ~Bhavna Shah Cary, NC

"I didn't realize my frames were loaners until I received the message that my lenses and frames had arrived. These are not cheap frames and allowing me to wear them for two weeks until mine came in was above and beyond great service. Every other aspect of the visit was great too. Thank you and your team very much."
~  Mike V., Morrisville, NC.