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Very knowledgeable

Went here for LASIK prep. They were knowledgeable and worked with me to get all my required stuff done. They convinced me that I’ll likely go to them for any further eye appointments.

Very professional and courteous staff

I cannot recommend this enough. I have always had issues with eye doctors and being able to get the test where air is blown into your eye to test pressure done. In fact, I had only been able to get one eye completed ever since I started going to the optometrist around 22 years ago. I explained that to Dr. Prajapati, he explained why the test was important and worked with me to get it done very quickly. His staff has grown over the last few years, but they’re all very professional and courteous, they just helped me pick out new frames yesterday. Most of their inventory consists of designer brands, but I’ve found that they’re worth the cost. If you want an easy and enjoyable experience at the eye doctor, this is the best place you can choose in the area.

We HIGHLY recommend this practice!

Tonight, my wife was working in the garage when she got something in her eye. It was very painful and, after unsuccessfully trying to rinse it out with water, I did a web search for eye doctors that offer emergency after hours service. I found Triangle Eye Care and called the number. I listened to the after-hours message, selected the after hours service prompt and I was connected directly to Dr. Prajapati. As I described that she was experiencing sharp pain, he suggested that we meet at his office.

It took us 10 minutes to get there and Dr. Prajapati was already waiting for us. We have never met and we are not one of his regular patients but he took my wife in immediately. After numbing her eye, he was able to locate a small metal shard that was literally buried in her eye. Within minutes, he was able to remove it. And, although it was late and night and the DUKE / CAROLINA game was coming up, he took the time to show my wife the images and provide clear instruction on how to take care of the eye for the next couple of days.

We HIGHLY recommend Dr. Prajapati. We are very grateful to have found him.

Dr. Prajapati and his staff are excellent!

Dr. Prajapati and his staff are excellent! They always give wonderful service, there is no wait time, always feel welcomed and appointments are easy to get. I get appointment reminders as a text which is wonderful. It makes it easy for me to remember. They have appointments at 5:00 p.m. which is very convenient for me, since I am working. A big THANKS to Triangle Family Eye Care for their perfect service!

Dr. Prajapati is great!

Dr. Prajapati is great! He also referred us to Dr. Nancy Mackowsky who finally gave us the answers none of the other doctors were seeing. I only wish I had seen Dr. Prajapati years earlier.

Excellent experience

Excellent experience – didn’t feel pressured or rushed. Was willing to work with me regarding payment. Thorough exam. Frame choices were plenty. Glasses arrived within a week.