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Great service

I recently moved to the Morrisville area from northern Indiana. My former optometrist, Dr. Proudfoot had just retired and I needed a new pair of safety glasses. Dr. Proudfoot had worked with me for many years to find a lens I could wear comfortably. I gave Elani the address information of Dr Proudfoot's last office. She retrieved all of my records. With this information Dr. Prajapati, was prepared for all of my questions during the eye exam. He was very through and double checked all areas that I was concerned with. His prescription had slight alterations from my former prescription, but they were noticeable when he showed them to me during the exam. I have seen Dr. Prajapati on other issues concerning my optical health and would recommend him to anyone. Dr. Prajapati and Elani provide excellent customer service and professional knowledge. Dr. Prajapati and Elani's skill sets are of the highest caliber. Stop by and talk to them. If you do there is little doubt in my mind that you will want to return to see them again. I recommend Triangle (Family) Eye Care to everyone.

- David K.