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Quality Oriented and Professional

Pros: Very Knowledgeable, Quality Oriented, Professional, and Fair Price; Cons: None. As a person who had to rely on prescription glasses (and contact lenses at one point) for more than 40 years, getting the right and comfortable eye glasses always have been a critical part in my life. After I lost my recently prescribed glasses during a visit to a beach in S.C., I decided to try TFEC not far from my place in Cary this time looking for glasses that I can wear all day long without having much strain in my eyes or headache. During my visit, I noticed that Eleni and Dr. Prajapati at TFEC very knowledgeable in optics and how lens and eyes interact. It was also good to see that both of them were able to listen patiently. The number of frames displayed was small, but most of them were selectively chosen ones that, I think, most of us should not have a problem in finding the right frame that fits into each individual's need. A couple of days after I began wearing the new eye glasses from TFEC, I began having a strain in my left eye. Eleni adjusted the nose support pad which helped reduce the problem. The problem, however, didn't disappear and stayed on. A couple of weeks later, I shared my experience with Dr. Prajapati and he reevaluated everything, again patiently. The best part of my expereince at TFEC starts here. So, three of us, not two, began discussion what next step(s) should be. Dr. Prajapati was confident that it was not an issue of power/prescription, then Eleni continued trouble shootings and concluded that it was more likely lens curvature issue after she measured them. They ordered a new pair of lenses with modifed curvature on the left lens at their expenses. When I wore the corrected glasses, I instantly knew that the problem was gone. The way how both of them doing a trouble shooting definitely exceeded the average standards that I have seen/expected in many "best" places I have been in and out of state and other countries. As a professional who always pursue the highest quality and outcomes, I am very glad to have someone like Dr. Prajapati and Eleni in town. There are many who claim to be the best, but there are very few who are really qualified to be called that way. Both Eleni and Dr. Parjapati are, in my professional opinion, a few of those. Regarding price, it was reasonable, and Eleni was very thorough about the options I could choose for reducing the price before I made a decision. Eleni was also very knowledgeable about insurance policy and helped me save several hundred dollars that my wife and I didn't expect. Overall, my experience at TFEC was really great and I highly recomend this place to all in Triangle."

- John B.