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If there is any nobility in this profession, then Dr. Prajapati is a shining example. Here is why; I had been suffering from Recurrent Corneal Erosion and spent many a restless nights and in the morning, when I opened my eyes, it was pure torture, as my eye lids would scrape my cornea as if razor blades were within them. Excruciating pain is an understatement. Went to ophthalmologists. No relief and of course you need prior appointments to see one. They just are not available when you are in distress. In addition to this, I had no insurance. So the day I again was crying out with pain, I needed immediate relief. My wife noticed and ad in Saathee magazine and we made an appointment. Dr. Prajapati took one look and immediately went to work. Quickly managed my pain by inserting a contact lens on my cornea and pain just subsided. He then patiently explained my prognosis to me and suggested PTK procedure, which I could not at that time afford. He then provided me with lots of eye drop samples and I was on my way. The time had come for my contact lens to be removed and you can well imagine my anxiety. All went well and my pain had completely subsided, but I was not out of the woods since the operative word to this condition is "recurrent". But by this time the good doctor had read and consulted with his colleagues and prescribed for me a new eye drop and to manage night time recurrence, an ointment at bedtime. Today is four months from this episode and my cornea has not bothered me, as I have religiously adhered to his instructions. I do believe that I will never have to go for PTK surgery as long as I have Dr Prajapati treating me. You may ask, how much did it cost me? Perhaps two visits to an ophthalmologist if at all. I am blessed to have crossed paths with this outstanding, generous, caring and learned doctor. I would not only highly recommend him but would state that only a fool would not take advantage of this doctor's expertise. If you value your vision, visit Dr. Prajapati. Thank you Dr. Prajapati!

- Raj B.

Based on recent guidelines from the CDC (Centers for Disease Control) and the AOA (American Optometric Association) and the North Carolina Board of Optometry, Triangle Family Eye Care will close starting Monday, March 30th.

We will be open for glasses and contact lens pick up only the week of March 22nd. Doctor Prajapati will not be seeing any patients unless it’s an ocular emergency.

Ocular emergencies may be any of the following symptoms: redness/eye pain, sudden loss of vision (central or peripheral), trauma to the eye, contact lens-related eye pain.

We will keep you posted as to when our office will reopen as this is a fluid situation.

Thank you, Dr. Prajapati and staff at TFEC