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Reggie S.

I will start by saying I have a LARGE head. Although my checking don't show it, my family & I have been coming here pretty much since they opened back in early 2012. I ALWAYS find frames I like here.  The staff are extremely helpful answer questions on multi-focal lenses, bi-focals, transitions & contacts. My family also comes here, there hasn't been any problems getting appointments with kids in school or work schedules.  Oddly, finding multiple frames they like. (Trendy or traditional frames) is EASY here as they have so many choices in styles & colors. Oh and if you don't see the color in a style you like, Eleni (optical manager) will  pull em up on an iPad to see what they look like. Talk about using technology, we love these folks. Dr Prajapati and his staff are awesome.

- Reggie S. Apex NC