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Jhane Barnes

Jhane BarnesJhane Barnes was created in 1976, she receives her first order for 1000 pairs of pants after a friend is spotted wearing a custom made pair in a Manhattan restaurant. She borrows $5000 from her biology professor to start her business. Throughout the years, Jhane has made her career in designing for menswear, textiles, furniture and interior design. She has won many awards from COTY to the American Society of Industrial Designers, etc…and has had some articles published.

However, in 2006 Jhane launches her new eyewear collection distributed through Kenmark Group. In 2010, Inspired by her commitment to the environment, Jhane announces three new eyewear styles made with recycled materials. Styles feature: 30% recycled acetate temples, recycled wood pulp inlay, corn based demonstration lens. In 2014, Jhane’s eyewear design reaches it’s ninth year. This innovative eyewear design brilliantly combines a thin-line metal profile with the weight and feel of acetate. The cut stainless steel front and temples are set in a crystal epoxy resin mold, truly making 2 frames in 1.

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