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Quality care and excellent customer service.
3 weeks ago
- April N.
Have not been in yet for an appointment but I will be switching to this practice for my yearly check ups and contact appointments, Pam was the most helpful and understanding medical professional I’ve ever spoken to over the phone! Very thankful for the advice and help!
4 weeks ago
- Mark J.
Even after charging $220, they would deliberately leave out a critical piece of information that would allow you to get your glass made somewhere else. They are essentially forcing you to buy glasses from their store. This is place is rip-off! Edit (after response) : You charged me total of $220 but yes I paid $49 because of the insurance that I pay every month. So you are essentially making the full amount. Also buy not including everything that is needed to make glasses, you are forcing us to buy from you. This is a SCAM!
1 month ago
- Hiral V.
The staff and doctor are very nice and caring. We've been going there for months for my child to have treatment for an eye condition, so I decided to have them do my routine eye exam vs the person I've gone to for years. I found the costs here to be very high. I had an eye exam, covered by my insurance, but they want you to pay out of pocket for some sort of digital retinal imaging (instead of dilating your eyes) - which I declined- and the "premium" contact lens exam added $135 to my bill ($150 less the 10% discount from my insurance). I've been wearing contacts for 30 years, not even sure why this exam is needed and costs so much. So my whole exam ended up costing more with insurance (copay $10 plus $135 for the contact exam - without the $50 or whatever they wanted for the digital imaging thing) than I paid at my last eye doctor without any insurance.
1 month ago
- Lynne H.
2 months ago
- Hao J.
Staff was great and very knowledgeable!!!
4 months ago
- Brittany H.
Charge fees for missing appts during a global pandemic??? Missed 2 appts. 1St due to covid and 2nd due to an emergency operation. Now I have to pay $70 for some hidden fees was not disclosed upfront. Thank you guys... What a good way to attract new clients. Was my 1st visit and I am sure its the last one at this place.
10 months ago
- Sam G.